Bulldog Wireline works hard to earn and keep the trust of its customers.


Health Insurance

Each employee will have full coverage of health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance and long term disability effective the first day of the following month of employment. Bulldog Wireline, Inc. will pay the premiums for you. There is a co-pay for office visits and for prescription drugs. This is a PPO, meaning that there is a network of doctors who accept this insurance. I you choose an “out of network” doctor, you will still receive benefits, just at a reduced rate.
The first day of the following month of employment, employees will be in enrolled into a 401 (k) retirement plan. The employee can contribute whatever amount they choose up to the government limit that is set each year. This can be a flat rate or a percentage of gross pay. Bulldog Wireline, Inc., will match each employee’s contribution up to 3%. Bulldog Wireline, Inc. will pay for you to visit with the financial planner up to two (2) hours per calendar year.


After one year of continuous fulltime employment, each employee is entitled to one (1) week of vacation. After five (5) years full time employment each employee is entitled to two (2) weeks of vacation. These two (2) weeks cannot be taken concurrently. You will be paid according to the average number of hours you have worked that year up to the time of vacation.

Drug and Alcohol Usage

Each employee will undergo a pre-employment drug test and physical. Bulldog Wireline has a ZERO tolerance drug policy. Every employee with Bulldog Wireline, Inc. will be subjected to random and annual drug tests.

Job Openings

Always accepting applications. Equal opportunity employer.
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